Bingo Night

Last semester, in the beginning of November, we had Bingo Night for an event that the Event Management class put on. All of the other classes within the Hospitality department also helped put on the event. IT was a halloween theme because it was the day after halloween. Each student had a role in the event and I was one of the bingo announcers / DJ. The event was a very good turnout. We had many prizes that were up to win, by raffle. Also, we had many vendors there to get offer their products. This event was more of an interactive and social event and the overall out come was great.



Through this entire module of learning to do Surveys, it has taught me a few things. One thing that it’s taught me is to do tests the survey multiple times to make sure you have everything exactly how you want it. Another thing to do would be to have a few other people test the survey to catch anything you didn’t see when you did the survey. Having surveys is a really good way to get information from a lot of people in a fast way.


During this chapter for excel, i learned many things i didn’t know before. In High school I used excel only a few times, and was not that great at it because we were never taught. During this course learned many different formatting techniques and easy shortcuts to get things done faster and more efficient. Excel is a great way to make a spreadsheet and have graphs done very quickly. Excel can also do multiple different sheets in one entire excel sheet. For example, if you are doing recipes and have more than one, you can have a sheet for each recipe and then sheet for everything that you need to purchase in order to make them. Excel can be used in many different ways within a business and can make things much easier to figure out.


Throughout this entire Social Media promotion, Hootsuite had to be used in order to schedule out posts. I was in charge of the instagram account, but the hootsuite would not allow us to log in unless we went through facebook. We decided that using hootsuite for instagram was not an option. I did do some of the post on hootsuite for other social media account and realized that it is very helpful. It allows you to schedule out many different post for all of your social media accounts which is very nice. Hootsuite can be used for many different things and will help with promotion for businesses.


Myself and a couple other team members have been working on a social media assignment that has been based on a bakery. We have decided to create a business that we are going to manage and promote as if we were a real company. We are learning every way in which social media can help promote our business. One of the first ways we have learned to promote would be through social media. Using a facebook, instagram, and twitter account for this specific business will help your business be seen by others. On each social media account we are post every week, multiple times, on all the new things we are making and bringing into our bakery. An easy way to manage all social media account at once that we learned, would be Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a management program that allows you to manage all your social media accounts at once, rather than clicking back and fourth to one another. Hootsuite is going to be an easy way for us to see all social media accounts at once, including all comments, likes, & posts to our page.